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    New York Fashion Week

    NYFW 2022: Anastasia Magazine Pre-Launch Fashion Show

    Anastasia Magazine (also a print magazine!) presented a fashion show for the pre-launch of New York Fashion Week NYFW 2022 with an amazing collection from curated fashion designers. If you are in the New York fashion scene, whether as a model or designer or photographer, you should know Anastasia. She’s part model, part designer, part publisher, and full on amazing at what she does. It is no wonder then that she threw an amazing event for the pre-launch of the fashion show. One unique feature of this show was that it was held in a restaurant+bar outside, so onlookers could get a peek inside this world. No wonder the event…

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    New York Fashion Week

    NYFW Through a Photographer’s Lens: Jojo Estrellado

    New York Fashion Week transforms the city. Streets full of people, their eyes full of dreams, there is a palpable buzz in the air. The hustle and bustle of the city gets just a bit more magnified during this time, especially around the fashion week events. New York Fashion Week is a time of the year when New York City transforms into an international fashion capital, yes, but there is more. The city gets a little more alive, the people get a little more fashionable, and Europe gets a little more jealous. Something for everyone. The fashion week participants feel infectious joy in New York more than anywhere else, whether…

  • New York Fashion Week

    NYFW 2022: NYFMC Fashion Show

    New York Fashion Week started early for Fashion and Music Conference aka FMC. The VIP event for NYFMC during Fashion Week 2022 was held on Thursday, September 8th at 15 West 38th Street in Manhattan. After an extra 15 minutes of waiting, we were allowed to enter. The venue was on the 2nd floor. This was part of the New York Fashion Week of 2022, the first in-person fashion week in New York since the pandemic. As a television production company, FMC knows how to organize an event. Everything was also live-streamed on Amazon Fire. There was some coverage on NYFMC’s Instagram page. While the live coverage of the event…