New York Fashion Week

NYFW Through a Photographer’s Lens: Jojo Estrellado

New York Fashion Week transforms the city. Streets full of people, their eyes full of dreams, there is a palpable buzz in the air. The hustle and bustle of the city gets just a bit more magnified during this time, especially around the fashion week events.

New York Fashion Week is a time of the year when New York City transforms into an international fashion capital, yes, but there is more. The city gets a little more alive, the people get a little more fashionable, and Europe gets a little more jealous. Something for everyone.

The fashion week participants feel infectious joy in New York more than anywhere else, whether it be models or designers, make up artists or photographers. What better way to capture that feeling of New York City waking up to its potential post-Covid than through the eyes of a photographer!

A Fellow Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jojo during the New York Fashion Week NYFW 2022. He is a top-notch fashion photographer even though he does this as a hobby and not full time (yet!) Don’t let his humility fool you – he has an eye for the creative and the skills to capture the moment with his models.

I loved his dedication to the art form. Jojo is passionate about his work, constantly seeking to improve and shoot just a little better today than yesterday. You’ll see us feature more of his work over the coming months.

Here is some of Jojo’s work at the NYFW 2022.

The First Start

Jojo got his start attending smaller fashion shows. One of those events was at one of the restaurants/bars in New York produced by Anastasia Magazine, by the indefatigable Anastasia. I attended the same event to cover it for my own magazine (which you’ll see covered here soon!)

If you are a model or photographer in New York City, you need to know Anastasia. A lot of us got our beginnings at her events. She is a top notch designer, model, organizer, and just a great human.

Here is Jojo covering the Anastasia Magazine event at NYFW 2022.

The Big Event: Anthony Rubio Couture

But then things more serious when Jojo was invited to one of the biggest fashion events during the New York Fashion Week by none other than the famous couturier Anthony Rubio.

In Jojo’s words,

Attending such a prestigious event exposed me to different types of clothing lines and designs. My most memorable one would be the NYFSW at Angel Orensnz Place which was attended by famous designers across the globe. They showcased all new designs and the audience were very excited because it was one of the first fashion week events that happened after the pandemic.

Jojo Estrellado

Here are some photos from Jojo during the Anthony Rubio event at NYFW 2022.

If you are a model and want to work with Jojo, you can reach out to him directly on his Instagram page.

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