NYFW Sept 2022
New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week NYFW Guide 2022 September Edition

New York Fashion Week is back! And it is in person to the relief of most fashionistas, fashion enthusiasts, and the general public. This week will see New York transform yet again into the fashion mecca with impeccably dressed men and women roaming the streets of (mostly) lower manhattan.

This year, the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runs from September 9-14. As usual, there are “main” events at NYFW but all the fun is going to be at after-parties and shows off the main stage. This isn’t to say the headliners like PUMA and Tommy Hilfiger will be less impressive. In fact, the big names attract the crowds, but the “in-crowd” events are the hot currency as always.

If you are looking to attend events, it would be a tough entrance as general public. However, our friends at the Fashion Week Online have created a handy NYFW calendar that you could use to see if any event is still open to the public.

At JANY, we’ll be covering a few events during NYFW 2022 as press, and featuring these events on our online magazine. Attending the events in person helps us get a sense of the vibe and meet the people behind the scenes who make it possible. We’ll also try and interview some of the professionals from designers to organizers to models who make the whole event possible, so stay tuned.

Photo Credit: NYFW

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