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NYFW 2022: Anastasia Magazine Pre-Launch Fashion Show

Anastasia Magazine (also a print magazine!) presented a fashion show for the pre-launch of New York Fashion Week NYFW 2022 with an amazing collection from curated fashion designers. If you are in the New York fashion scene, whether as a model or designer or photographer, you should know Anastasia. She’s part model, part designer, part publisher, and full on amazing at what she does.

It is no wonder then that she threw an amazing event for the pre-launch of the fashion show. One unique feature of this show was that it was held in a restaurant+bar outside, so onlookers could get a peek inside this world. No wonder the event attracted some curious onlookers.

But in addition, the models that we talked to after the show really liked the fast pace and camaraderie that the event fostered within the fashion community. And don’t forget that this event featured some really talented designers. Check out Anastasia Magazine Instagram for the latest updates and also check out Anastasia’s personal Instagram.

Event and Space

The event took place at Mishka Soho (IG) at 519 Broome Street. This was September 10th 2022 for the pre-event, but the craziness of the fashion week had already started. Given Anastasia’s roots, the venue known for Eastern European cuisine was a natural fit for the event.

The outdoor space made the shots a bit challenging with changing light conditions, but that’s part of the fun and challenge of photography. Curious onlookers, both tourists and New Yorkers alike were treated to a spectacle.

The other cool thing about the venue was the aesthetics. Even though the space was outdoors, it was beautifully decorated with well curated plants. Overall, the event space was compact and cozy for everyone involved. You can see some of the aesthetics in the photos below.

Anastasia Magazine Fashion Show for NYFW 2022

There were several designers presenting their collections. You can see some familiar faces of the models of course, and a good mix of experienced and first-timers. The first fashion week is always the most memorable. So many mistakes, so much to learn, yet so much fun.

I reached the venue late – fashion week is all about running from one place to another – and you’ll have to forgive some of my angles for the first show. The venue was a little too cozy for the photographers, making it extra challenging.

JBrand Vintage by Jorge Brandon Leyton

The first showcase was by the designer Jorge Brandon Leyton. You can check his Instagram here, and here is the Instagram of Jbrand Vintage.

Tyeakia’s Designs

The second show was from the incredibly talented designer Tyeakia. We will do a more in-depth feature of her work to cover the depths of her creativity. She is also a true supporter of the models that show off her designs, and has built a strong relationship with the fashion community.

I was lucky to capture Tyeakia after the event when we had a little more time to chat. She seemed genuinely passionate about her creations and designs, and someone looking to help everyone around her. What an amazing person! Did we mention we would love to do a more in-depth feature of her work?

Fashion Designer Tyeakia who presented her work at Anastasia Magazine pre-event NYFW 2022 right outside the venue, Mishka Soho

This is some of her work from the event, and the amazing models who showed off the designs.

Two other designers presented their work at the event. One was an ‘internet-punk-meme’ style clothes, and the hooded faces provided an extra layer of intrigue, just like the online personas that are pseudonymous

and then the closing show

The models together at the end

Models at the Pre-Launch event from Anastasia Magazine at New York Fashion Week 2022
Models at the Pre-Launch event from Anastasia Magazine at New York Fashion Week 2022

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