Mate the Label sample sale in New York
Sample Sale

MATE the Label Sample Sale in New York Starts July 21, 2022

MATE the Label is scheduled to have a sample sale in New York starting July 21, 2022 for four days. If you are into sustainable and ethical fashion, especially around the materials being used (organic, non-plastic) and how they are made, definitely check out MATE and this sample sale. You would also be supporting a local LA based community where the clothes are made.

  • When: July 21st 2022 to July 24th 2022
  • Where: 260 Sample Sale – Soho, 151 Wooster Street, New York, 10012 (Wooster between Houston and Prince)
  • Entry: Free

MATE builds sustainable clothing with a mission. The biggest selling point is just how environmentally friendly, clean, and healthy their clothes are. They don’t use the standard microplastics, plastics, formaldehyde, and other endocrine disruptors. Instead, MATE clothes are made in Los Angeles with natural, organic materials.

The biggest value-add for me for MATE clothing seems to be that their clothes are plastic-free. This is a huge issue currently as polyester is in virtually all fashion clothes.

MATE items are especially appealing to those who care for the environment and their bodies. The sample sale is a great way to check out their clothing as well as score some sweet discounts. Check out the MATE insta for pictures.

The sample sale is being held at 260 Sample Sale location at 151 Wooster Street.

Price List for MATE the Label Sample Sale

Here is the price list for MATE the label’s sample sale:

Sleep Top – $20
Sleep Bottom – $25
Sleep Dress – $20
Tank / Tee – $20
Thermal – $30
Sweatshirts – $35
Shorts – $25
Leggings – $25
Sleep Pants – $25
Sweatpants – $35
Bra – $20
Totes – $5
Kids – $15

The above is a fairly substantial discount from the actual prices on the website, generally in excess of 50%.

Here are some photos from the sample sale, so you get an idea of what is in store.

All sample sale photo credits: Just Another New Yorker

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