Graffiti by Cunning Linguist New York City

Recently, I’ve been finding a lot of graffiti by someone who signs it off as ‘Cunning Linguist‘. Whether it is really very cunning, I leave it up to you to decide. I’ve spotted these around SoHo and Lower East. What do you think?

1. This was on Orchard Street around Stanton in Lower East.

the root of fear is hope” (or that’s what I think (s)he meant!)

Cunning Linguist NYC

2. “hope is the new currency

Cunning Linguist NYC

3. This is on Rivington Street around Christie
Unlike life, hope never dies

Cunning Linguist NYC

4. This was at a street-light on Rivington street between Ludlow and Orchard. This was probably the hardest one to spot on a cold dark night. Great message as ever.
I prefer love over lust. Compassion over pride. Choppy waves over high tide. Smoke over fire. Excessive truth vs. lies. Peacock’s tail over a lion’s mane.

Cunning Linguist Graffiti

5. This one is right by the Freeman Ally, which is right by Rivington between Christie and Bowery.
Hope is life’s sweet Elixir
Cunning Linguist NYC 07

6. This one was right after Sandy. Again, the message of hope for the city!
Sandy can’t soften the marble-hard hope of our city!!
Cunning Linguist NYC 06

7. This one I saw on Orchard street placed outside a store on a wooden plank, between Houston and Stanton. Another interesting read.
I’ve learned what separates women is shades of lipstick & degrees of hurt. Let hope be the swiftest ship your heart can sail upon!!!
Cunning Linguist NYC 05

8. In Cortlandt Alley
Steady yourself, hope is moving you!
Cunning Linguist NYC 08

“The cunning linguist” seems to have high hopes for hope! Hope seems to be the common theme throughout.

Have you seen any of this graffiti signed by “cunning linguist”? Do you have any idea about the real identity of cunning linguist? If so, I would love to know!

Edit: Haven’t seen any new work in a while. Am I missing out or is there genuinely nothing new being done? Also, the spring is here, no reason to hibernate!

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