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    Only in New York: Flirting on the Subway, Drunk, New York Style

    If you want to impress a couple of beautiful women, generally considered beyond your league: Step-1: Get drunk Step-2: Be naturally cool when you’re that drunk Step-3: Start a conversation, make the women laugh. Child’s play. You’re all set! Another amusing sighting on the Subway. The guy was incredibly genuine as a drunk, and the women seemed genuinely amused in his company. He carried forward his charm even after the women got off the subway, on other passengers. And once you have their attention, you weave your charm!

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    Trash is a Problem: 57th Street

    Yes, don’t we all know that trash is a problem especially in New York? Here is a great solution to the problem – get rid of the trash cans! That seems to be what the ‘pilot study’ found. Don’t believe me? Check out this poster on the subway station on 57th street. This is what the poster reads: Trash is a problem. Be part of the solution. Trash attracts rodents. No trash cans means no food for rodents. We’re removing the trash cans at this station as part of a six month pilot study. Please take your trash with you. That’s smart and makes total sense. Drunken driving kills people,…