C Grade Restaurant NYC Chinatown

C Grade Restaurants in New York City

C Grade Restaurant NYC Chinatown
A rare C grade restaurant in New York, China Town

Yes, C grade restaurants are usually rare in New York but there are some.

Letter grades for restaurant cleanliness are now an integral part of the restaurant scene in New York, since being introduced in July of 2010. Restaurants that don’t meet the cleanliness standards are shut down (although some argue that the system is broken and needs to be reformed).

Personally, I haven’t seen too many C grade restaurants in New York City but there are definitely a few. B is fairly common but most restaurants I visit seem to be an A anyway, not that B really deters me from checking out a great place to eat.

The above photo was taken outside a place in China Town that had a C rating. Not sure how long that restaurant is going to be allowed to be open.

What do you think about the restaurant grading system in New York?

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