Broccoli Bar in Fort Greene Brooklyn Closes

Broccoli bar was a unique vegan restaurant in Fort Greene in Brooklyn. It served an interesting menu to say the least – centered around just broccoli. Now before you run the other way, check out their Yelp page with 4.5 rating with 47 reviews – not too shabby for a competitive New York restaurant market. Given the constraints under which they operated (just broccoli eh?) I’d say they did a phenomenal job of designing a great menu, with broccoli steamed, grilled, fried, sautéed, pickled, potatoed, and what not.

Broccoli bar started as a mobile food cart out of Burlington Vermont. They still serve the New England market. You can check out their Instagram for their delicious food.

Broccoli bar closes in Fort Greene Brooklyn
Another Covid victim from the New York restaurant industry

It is sad they shut down their Brooklyn location, another victim of the Covid pandemic affecting the restaurant industry in New York. They posted the notice above on their previous location at 690 Fulton Street.

I guess we’ll keep looking for vegan food in New York.

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