• Sext me if you can New Museum 05

    Sext me if you can at New Museum Begins: An Amusing Story

    The New Museum has a new show: Sext me if you can by Karen Finley from May 22 to May 26. Like most things at the New Museum, it is bold and amusing. For this performance, Karen Finley essentially paints inspired by sexts she receives from participants. If you don’t know her, she’s a New York based artist, and you guessed it, she’s bold and controversial! I checked out the people, who were naturally curious about all this. Also, Thursdays is free admission to the New Museum which makes it more crowded than other days. Here’s the New Museum that’s a little more crowded on a Thursday night than usual.…

  • Only in New York 1

    Only in New York: Flirting on the Subway, Drunk, New York Style

    If you want to impress a couple of beautiful women, generally considered beyond your league: Step-1: Get drunk Step-2: Be naturally cool when you’re that drunk Step-3: Start a conversation, make the women laugh. Child’s play. You’re all set! Another amusing sighting on the Subway. The guy was incredibly genuine as a drunk, and the women seemed genuinely amused in his company. He carried forward his charm even after the women got off the subway, on other passengers. And once you have their attention, you weave your charm!