• Graffiti

    Graffiti by Cunning Linguist New York City

    Recently, I’ve been finding a lot of graffiti by someone who signs it off as ‘Cunning Linguist‘. Whether it is really very cunning, I leave it up to you to decide. I’ve spotted these around SoHo and Lower East. What do you think? 1. This was on Orchard Street around Stanton in Lower East. “the root of fear is hope” (or that’s what I think (s)he meant!) 2. “hope is the new currency” 3. This is on Rivington Street around Christie “Unlike life, hope never dies” 4. This was at a street-light on Rivington street between Ludlow and Orchard. This was probably the hardest one to spot on a cold…

  • Presidential Debate Free Shots
    Clubs and Bars

    Presidential Debate Free Shots New York

    Presidential Debate Free Shots in New York! Yes, what better way to participate in a drinking game than while deciding the fate of your country! I am sure plenty of bars have something planned, but Tammany Hall has this board outside their club – free shot every time someone says “healthcare”. If you are living under a cave, the presidential debate is today from 9 – 10;30pm. Don’t take this too literally though – you might just die of alcohol poisoning if the past is any indication. Tammany hall is a club/music venue in the lower east side on 152 Orchard Street.

  • Subway

    Trash is a Problem: 57th Street

    Yes, don’t we all know that trash is a problem especially in New York? Here is a great solution to the problem – get rid of the trash cans! That seems to be what the ‘pilot study’ found. Don’t believe me? Check out this poster on the subway station on 57th street. This is what the poster reads: Trash is a problem. Be part of the solution. Trash attracts rodents. No trash cans means no food for rodents. We’re removing the trash cans at this station as part of a six month pilot study. Please take your trash with you. That’s smart and makes total sense. Drunken driving kills people,…